Hair Replacement Solutions

Hair Envisions is the only studio in Annapolis that offers superior solutions for hair loss. These options are available for both men and women. We use Envisions Technology, a non-surgical hair addition solution.

Non-Surgical Hair Additions

With Hair Envisions non-surgical techniques we are able to create as much or as little hair as you want. This technology allows us to restore your hair gradually (like you like it) or all at once. These procedures utilize proven non-surgical skin grafting techniques by adding skin like material to your scalp.With this technology we can create any style that you want. Live, Laugh, and Love like you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious, with a full, beautiful, luxurious head of hair again. Take the first step to a new you.

Hair Replacement for Cancer Patients

Losing your hair can be very traumatic. There are several reasons for hair loss; certain kinds of chemotherapy and radiation can cause hair loss. Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss, radiation to the scalp may cause hair loss, but not radiation to the lung. When radiation is in the general vicinity of the head it will cause hair loss.There are a couple of options when you are looking at hair replacement. We would like to meet with chemotherapy patients before they start their treatments and go over options with them. We understand the urgency of setting a plan for hair loss when going through your treatment and we can give you a plan of action.

Cool Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Cool Laser Therapy is a scientific approach to treating hair loss, thinning hair, and problems associated with the scalp. Cool Laser Therapy is an effective and proven method using low level laser energy (cool laser), to effectively treat and control problem hair loss. When used in conjunction with my certified products cool laser therapy can re grow lost hair.

Attractive caucasian female with short blonde hair and lean facial features.

Forget “hair systems”, weaves and other non-surgical hair replacement methods. We’re introducing a new skin graft that is so absolutely superior in every respect, we guarantee it.

The Only Studio in Annapolis Offering Superior Solutions

“Non-Surgical Hair Grafting” is unlike any other conventional hair replacement procedure. “The Non-Surgical Hair Graft” mimics natural hair growth, in other words, anything you could do with your own growing hair you will be able to do after you have had the “Grafting Process”.

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