Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Alexander creates ultra-custom nonsurgical hair replacement systems, hairpieces, hair toppers and toupees for both men and women suffering from the effects of thinning hair, baldness, and hair loss.

create your own hairstyle

Our natural hairpieces and hair toppers are made of the highest quality human hair and are effectively undetectable by sight or touch. We design hair replacement systems and hairpieces that look completely natural. With a Hair Envisions hairpiece, topper or extension, you can create any hairstyle you want. These results cannot be achieved with transplant surgery and potentially dangerous chemicals such as Propecia or Rogaine. These chemical hair solutions will not grow a full, thick head of hair.

Get a full head of hair with our natural hair replacement solutions

Get your hair back instantly with a custom hairpiece, hair topper, or toupee. With a Hair Envisions custom hair replacement hair unit, you will get your hair back instantly and restore your natural appearance. Let us develop a custom hair replacement solution just for you and restore your confidence.

We combine art with the latest hair replacement technology.

Hair Envisions designs and produces hair exactly like your own in about 18 to 20 weeks. We create your hairpiece and hair topper to use the most excellent quality of hair then custom blend it to match your own color, texture and density. Hair Envisions hair units and hairpieces disappear on your scalp and are unnoticeable. With our hair replacement system, yo hair will move and flow as if it were your own natural hair.

hair replacement is an art form.

Hair Envisions offers our clients high end custom hair replacement systems that give you confidence and helps to make your hair reflect the very best version of yourself.  We offer a hairpieces and hair toppers, toupees that are amazingly natural looking. Then we style your hair exactly the way you want it. Your hair loss won’t trouble you any longer.

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