I have been with Alexander for 8 years.  Coming from PA, I needed someone special and Alexander was and is it! I’ve been doing hair replacement for 16 years. It takes someone with training and knowledge to deal with thinning hair. Alexander cares about how you look and looking the best for your age. And of course being a specialist, he can very easily do the best for any type of hair. I love my hair !

Julie H.

I found Alexander after searching for someone in Annapolis, Maryland with expertise in treating hair loss. Not only was he sensitive to my situation, but his positive outlook made our consultation so enjoyable. He has been my go-to guy for custom color and styling for the past five years. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a hairstyling expert who also makes your appointments fun and entertaining!

Nancy M.

I have been a client of Alexander’s for twelve years and he has always made me feel very comfortable while being very considerate of my sensibilities.  He’s a true professional and this whole process has boosted my self-confidence as well as my comfort with my appearance.

Pat F.

Alexander is without an equal in making his clients the most beautiful in Annapolis! I still have hope and that’s why I am still going to him after 20 years!

Yavon S.

I’ve been one of Alexander’s many hair loss clients for over 15 years and I have to tell you that working with him is one of the better things I’ve experienced in my life. His hairpieces and hair loss solutions have restored my self confidence and helped me maintain a youthful appearance for years and years. 

Alexander’s work is a combination of technical excellence and artistry and every hair piece he’s ever created for me is a custom and durable work of art. And the best thing —   My hair is beautifully colored and styled to match my natural hair. No one will ever have the slightest clue you’re wearing a hairpiece! That’s just how great his work is; no one will think anything other than how great you look. Moreover, he’s compassionate and understanding about hair loss and although he draws tons of clients from all over, he makes you feel as if you are the only client that matters; you have his undivided attention. 

Whether at work or play, at home or half way across the world, his hairpieces and hair toppers have helped me be the best version of myself. Do yourself a favor today and make the first move to become a better version of you. It will be one of the best moves you ever make.

Dana M.

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